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At RadiateWP, we are dedicated to keeping your website working at its peak performance. One of the ways we do this is by performing a website audit on each of our client’s websites.  During this audit, we are looking for common errors and then make recommendations on how to make improvements.
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Since January 2019, we have completed…

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It would be easy to think that a website audit is as simple as just looking at the website.  In fact, it’s much more than just looking at the web pages themselves. We have a team of three experienced individuals who analyze each website independently.  Each set of eyes is assessing your website, analyzing certain best practices for design and development. From beginning to end, each site is carefully reviewed for things like User Interface and Experience, Content, Accessibility and Legal requirements.  To round out the review, Performance and Security, SEO and a Technical WordPress review are analyzed as well.

Common errors often found include broken links, missing licenses or legal requirements, just to name a few.  As each area is analyzed, recommendations are made to help you improve your website in that area.  Once the analysis is complete, a team member compiles all of the gathered information and creates a walkthrough video that takes you step-by-step through the audit report.  Next, the report and video are shared with you through email so you can review at your leisure.  If after your review, you have further questions or need more clarification, we can set up a call to review the findings.  We know it can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming and are here to help you get your site to peak performance.

Further education

But, it doesn’t stop there! Each month we gather all the information from our website audits and compile it for further analysis.  This further data mining allows us to see the mistakes that are being made from a larger picture perspective. With the bigger picture view, we have been able to compile a presentation on the most common website errors.  This presentation has proven helpful in educating others on ways they can avoid these same mistakes on their websites too.

This post is a part of the website audit series posted by RadiateWP using the aggregated data with hundreds of data points from the many site audits conducted by the site audit team. You can view other posts with valuable tips to improve your website. 

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