Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Onboarding

How long does the migration and site audit process take?

The migration and post-migration process usually takes a couple of days to a week. Once the site has been migrated, our site audit team conducts a thorough assessment which takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

What is the difference between Maintenance and Support?

Maintenance includes all of the standard maintenance that happens on your website, like the update of WordPress core software, themes, and plugins. Support is an additional action that is required outside of our standard maintenance.  If you need to add content to a page or change content on a page, this is considered support. If you would like advice and consultation regarding an issue with your site, this would also be considered support. Occasionally, we will have situations in which a standard maintenance task (like updating a plugin) will cause the site to break. This will trigger a support ticket requiring us to go in and provide additional support to correct the issue. 

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Maintenance and Support

How often does RadiateWP do WordPress and plugin updates?

Occasionally, a plugin update will have a conflict with some other code or plugin on your site, and something breaks. We test your site after each update, and will immediately troubleshoot any conflicts. If they cannot be resolved in 10 minutes, we will “rollback” to the prior version of the plugin so that your live site is not affected.

What about my premium themes and plugins, can you update them as well?

Many sites have premium plugins and/or themes that require an ongoing license in order to receive security updates. It is important that these licenses be renewed and kept valid so that we can continue to keep your site safe and secure. Depending on the plugins used on your site, we may be in contact with you to obtain the necessary license keys to make certain that these subscriptions stay up to date.

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