Project Overview

ClubEd Freelancers, an educational platform for budding freelance editors, was founded by an experienced writer who had the essential content clearly laid out on her site. However, despite the presence of excellent copy, content, and clear calls to action, the website was built on an outdated theme with limited design features. Along with its underwhelming speed, the site was crying out for a revamp to introduce a fresh design and incorporate contemporary technology.



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The site had all of the required content areas, but it lacked a visual appeal. Due to the age of the theme and the various plugins, the site was slow to load.

Screenshot showing the front page of the club ed website.

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The site takes full advantage of some beautiful custom artwork created by Dragonfly Spirit Studio. The Kadence theme was chosen because of the modern technology working with the current block editor.


  • The website, which utilized the LearnDash learning management system plugin to cater to students, required meticulous timing for the go-live process to avoid disruption in the students’ learning experience.
  • The website’s redesign posed a complex challenge, not only due to its utilization of a powerful learning management system, but also as it served as a platform for private student discussion forums.
  • Previously, the website didn’t have the capability to archive and completely conceal outdated courses, necessitating course deletion for its removal from the visible interface. A seamless workflow was required to archive obsolete content effectively.


  • Create a learning environment including intuitive and easy-to-use course material and private discussion forums for both existing and new users.
  • Create a fun and playful design aesthetic using custom artwork.
  • Improve the page speed.


Our team worked directly with the graphic illustrator, Lynne Baur of Dragonfly Spirit Studio to create a playful and friendly design that brings beautiful artwork and a light-hearted feel to the educational experience. The sea creatures were lovingly nicknamed “critters”. The custom illustrations add a unique design to this educational platform.

Clipped screenshots of the design elements that show cartoon-like sea creatures throughout the site.

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Screenshot showing the front page of the club ed website.

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The split hero image was chosen for the home page so that it can showcase the artwork while providing a section for easy-to-read content.

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Call-to-action cards and page dividers make use of the “critters”.

Screenshot of the "Now Enrolling" section of the website demonstrating the use of clever illustrations for the calls to action.

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The “Now Enrolling” section uses a similar design and is used in multiple places on the website. It was crafted as a “reusable block”. This unique feature greatly streamlines content management; any edit implemented on one page is reflected wherever the block appears on the site, consequently enhancing the efficiency of site-wide updates.


The incorporation of the contemporary, block-based theme known as Kadence played a pivotal role in enhancing the website’s speed and load time, creating a far more efficient browsing experience.

The incorporation of the contemporary, block-based theme, Kadence, was a game-changer, significantly boosting the website’s speed and load time which resulted in a markedly smoother browsing experience.

Storytelling lies at the heart of Club Ed and the students greatly appreciate the new, more visually engaging design theme that weaved a consistent narrative throughout their educational journey.

A website is never done

Clubed Freelancers purchased one of our ongoing maintenance plans providing continuous support services allowing for continued growth and expansion of the site.


Since its initial launch, Club Ed has broadened its scope of services by introducing a membership area with an advanced automation system to streamline member management. With each subscription, members gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits, handled through automated processes. This frees up the website owner to focus on content creation and teaching her students. The automated actions range from enabling users to select a complimentary course and generate a discount code, to regulating access to members-specific content and newsletters.

New Service

The website has served as a springboard for ClubEd to debut a new service, “Club Ed for Writers”. This educational program utilizes the same platform to cater to a fresh target audience, expanding its reach.

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