About Us

RadiateWP began as a service of custom webshop Positive Element, and has grown to serve WordPress site owners nationwide. RadiateWP is now run by Carol Stambaugh and Jeremy Saxey who are leaders in the WordPress Community. RadiateWP has an incredible team to provide premium WordPress support and maintenance, including experts who understand WordPress from both the user and developer perspectives.

RadiateWP support specialists have extensive knowledge of the greater WordPress ecosystem that can only come from years of experience. Our team members are active in the local and national WordPress community, supporting WordCamp events and facilitating local WordPress meet-ups.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding client relationships and our high-touch approach to service.

Meet the owners

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Jeremy Saxey

Jeremy has been working in web technologies since the days of dialup internet. Beginning his journey as a tech support specialist, he has gone on to program small and enterprise-level websites, setup and maintain servers, own and co-own a few web companies, and continues expanding his knowledge into upcoming “Web3” technologies.

Gaining a degree in CIS in 2007, he is fascinated by the ability of human ingenuity to solve real-world problems. He has a passion for staying at the forefront of emerging technology with a desire to guide others into each wave of innovation, with a focus on internet-based solutions.

Jeremy has volunteered on WordCamp organizing teams, assisted the Arizona WordPress Meetup Group, and taught classes at both. He is currently a member of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that promotes public goods and education within the Ethereum Web3 ecosystem.

Recent speaking events

Blockchains and WordPress

Recent Speaking Events

Website Accessibility: The Basics

Three (or More) Common Website Mistakes

Presentations Available

One of the values of RadiateWP is to give back to the community through education and awareness. We are available to present on a variety of topics related to technology, web development, WordPress, and emerging trends. The topics below are an example of the presentations available and presented to various groups.

cover page of a presentation description for a presentation called "Level Up Your Website" by RadiateWP

Learn some quick ways to make big improvements to your website.

cover page of a presentation description for a presentation called "Three Biggest Mistakes" by RadiateWP

Based on real website data, we will show you the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

An accessible website is good for you, your business and your customers. Learn more about website accessibility.

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Simplified Summary

  RadiateWP started as a service of Positive Element, which is a company that makes custom websites. RadiateWP is now run by Carol Stambaugh and Jeremy Saxey, who are both leaders in the WordPress Community. WordPress is a technology that helps build websites. RadiateWP has a great team that provides premium WordPress support and maintenance. Our team of RadiateWP support specialists has a lot of knowledge about WordPress. They have been working with WordPress for a long time and know a lot about it. They are active in the local and national WordPress community. They help out with WordCamp events and meet-up.