RadiateWP began as a service of custom web shop Positive Element, and has grown to serve WordPress site owners nationwide. RadiateWP is now run by Carol Stambaugh and Jeremy Saxey who are leaders in the WordPress Community. RadiateWP has an incredible team to provide premium WordPress support and maintenance, including experts who understand WordPress from both the user and developer perspectives.

RadiateWP support specialists have extensive knowledge of the greater WordPress ecosystem that can only come from years of experience. Our team members are active in the local and national WordPress community, supporting WordCamp events and facilitating local WordPress meet-ups.


Meet our owners

Carol Stambaugh


A seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience working with the web and over 150 websites under her wings, she has tenaciously embraced the technology sector. She created Tech Tools, LLC in 2010, then FreeUp Web Studio, LLC in 2013 and then took over the operation of RadiateWP in 2016.

Her work also extends to the nonprofit sector with over 14 years of experience in executive roles. Her volunteer contributions include service on the WordCamp organizing team every year since 2012 and leading the ArizonaWordPress Meetup Group since 2011.

Carol has been recognized over the span of her career as Presidency of AzSAE, AzSAE Association Executive of the year, and a feature on the open.film documentary about the WordPress Open Source project.

Lastly, alongside her warm personality, interest to help people, and love for animals; Carol’s resilience and love for learning have been key in her approach to the dynamic world of technology. She embraces change and harnesses new abilities and tools with ease.

Jeremy Saxey


Jeremy has been developing websites since 2007. His experience includes everything from personal sites to multi-million dollar website projects. Jeremy has owned and co-owned a few website companies over the years and has a passion for finding technology solutions to real-world problems.

Meet the Team

Jewel Clark

Support Team and Site Audit Lead

Jewel Clark started building websites in 2004 and transitioned to using WordPress in 2012. Her focus has been on design/build in addition to ongoing maintenance, always developing to web best-practices for clean code and beautiful design. She is particularly knowledgeable about ADA compliance, theme customization and web security. She loves solving problems for clients!

Danielle Cucinotta

Customer Support Lead

Danielle Cucinotta is a WordPress expert and customer service specialist who is passionate about helping people solve their website problems. She graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Organizational Communication and Marketing. She loves tracking and attempting to influence market trends and is a bit of an SEO nerd. In her free time, she enjoys flexing her creative muscles through photography and her candle business.

Connie Hunt

Website Maintenance and Site Audit Team

Bringing a better web page to you, Connie is an expert at delivering a premium user experience from top to bottom. Starting with her skills in marketing, task leading, and quality assurance down to getting her hands dirty “in the trenches” through website auditing and maintenance. Upbeat and ready with a quick laugh, clients and staff enjoy her lighthearted nature, but she’s all business when it comes to keeping projects moving forward and ensuring every detail is covered.