RadiateWp makes it easy for you to get help.

Choose from any of the options below to begin a support request.


Simple and to the point. Send an email to help@radiatewp.com and include as many details as possible when describing your issue.

Support Form

You can go to our online support form and answer all of the questions. The form is helpful because it asks all of the important questions that we need to know in order to get things resolved as soon as possible.


The phone can do more than just play youtube videos and Instagram reels, we can use it to talk to one another. Give us a call at 480-485-8784. If we aren’t available, someone on our team will get right back to you.

Schedule a teleconference/screen share

Sometimes it helps to get on the phone in real-time with someone and look at the screen together. Visit our online scheduler to schedule your call.

Urgent SOS Message

Is your site down? Do you have a major site error? Send an email. to 911(at)radiatewp(dot)com and your message will be fast tracked to our team. 

Want to Help Us, Help You?

Read our quick post on what you can include in your support request that will help us solve your issue as quickly as possible.