How to Submit a Good Support Ticket

If you are a current client of RadiateWP and something is going wrong with your website, don’t panic! Our support team is here to help. Submit a support ticket to our help desk by emailing help@radiatewp.com  and one of us will respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you need help with your WordPress website, you can learn more about our WordPress support services

Help Us Help You!

One of the most important aspects of a good support ticket is its subject line. A descriptive subject line is the best and quickest way to make sure your email ends up in front of the right person.


  1. Urgent! My site is broken! – this is not very descriptive and doesn’t give information about what is “broken”
  2. Urgent -My site is broken when I log in – this is better. However, it still doesn’t totally identify the problem.
  3. Urgent My site looks normal, but when I log in I am unable to edit any pages –  this tells us that the site is still working for the average user, and where the problem is, generally speaking (page editing)


Questions to Think About and Answer Before We Ask

To cut down on your wait time, be sure to use your support ticket to provide us with any information that could be helpful to us in troubleshooting your issue. If you aren’t sure what information might be considered useful, here are some good questions to ask yourself:


What are the specific characteristics of the problem?

Being as specific as possible is always going to help us and save you time. When something is broken, it can mean so many different things. Here are a few of the MANY possibilities. 

  • When the site isn’t working, does it mean that you click something and the item is not clickable?
  • Or do you click something and it spins a long time and then it “times out”?
  • Or are you unable to get a page to show at all?

Were you logged in to anything?

This is an important thing to know as we troubleshoot issues. 

  • Were you logged into the site? 
  • If so, were you logged in as an admin? Or another role? 

Which web browser are you using? Does the issue persist if you use a different browser?

This is a very helpful thing to know as we begin troubleshooting an issue. It is also helpful to use an incognito window as well. Here are some links. to help articles describing how to use an incognito window.


What were you doing when the problem occurred?

This information can really help us narrow down what might be causing the issue. For example:

  • Were you visiting a certain page when this happens? 
  • Does it only happen on this page? 
  • Were you trying to add a calendar event, or were you testing your new calendar event? 

What is the exact URL of the page with the problem?

It is surprising how many people forget to include this information, but it is critical. And while it is a simple back and forth question asking which page, this takes time and we want to be able to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Was there an error message? (if so, please include the text or error#)

We love details, so don’t leave anything out!  Screenshots or even video are always helpful for a good support ticket because they allow us to see exactly what you are seeing. If you don’t have a way to capture your screen, Apowersoft has some helpful tools.


Have you tried troubleshooting?

If so, what have you tried? Give us all the details. Video and screen recordings really can help get to the bottom of an issue quicker. If you haven’t tried a screen recording, check them out. There are some great options available. And you can use our Video Chat page.

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Interested in WordPress Support?

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