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Slidedeck for “100+ Site Audits: A Peek Into the Most Common Mistakes

Presented to WordCamp Santa Clarita July 17-18, 2021.

View a PDF handout with slides and speaker notes. 

Resources – Free Giveaway

You can get an automated free website audit. A report with valuable feedback on your website will be emailed to you within 15 minutes.

Resources – Accessibility

  • Alt Text Tool Plugin – a helpful tool available on the WordPress plugin repository that pulls a .csv list of all images including the alt text so you can see and improve your alt text all in one location. 
  • A11y Project – is a community-driven effort to make digital accessibility easier. Their color contrast evaluation tool is particularly helpful.
  • This two-part blog post gives a lot of information about adding alt-text and preparing images for your website.
  • The mission of UsableNet is to make the digital world more accessible and usable. We aim to make websites, apps, and other digital platforms more accessible, inclusive, and user-friendly for everyone.
  • Accessibility Insights for Web is a chrome extension that can be installed into the browser that allows you to test a website’s accessibility and provides recommendations for improvement.
  • WebAim is an excellent resource for training and technical assistance regarding website accessibility.

Resources – Legal

  • Privacy Policy Tracker – US – This resource link will give you the most up-to-date information on privacy policy laws and federally introduced legislation thanks to our friends at Termageddon.
  • Termageddon Privacy Policy Service – Termageddon is a website privacy policy service that updates your policy statements when laws change. This service can be used by any website or content management system.

Resources – Performance and Security

  • Smush – A WordPress plugin designed to help compress images.
  • Imagify – Another plugin that compresses images and because it runs in the background, it will compress images as they are added to the site. There is both a free plan that has limits and a paid plan with unlimited compression.
  • Imsanity is a free plugin on the WordPress repository that allows the WordPress site administrator to set a limit for the maximum size of all images uploaded. This plugin will set the limit for the full-size image as determined by the WordPress standard image sizes.
  • Tinypng – A website that you can use to compress images prior to uploading to your site.
  • Cloudinary – A medial management tool that stores and compresses images and acts as a CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Compressor.io is another website tool that can be used to compress images.
  • Good WordPress managed hosting options include PagelyLiquid WebWPEngine , Siteground.  GoDaddy and Bluehost also have managed WordPress hosting options in addition to their traditional hosting platforms.
  • Specifically for WordPress, Jetpack boost is a plugin that helps optimize the site’s performance, specifically for Google’s Web Core Vitals.
  • Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable. We use Cloudflare for our DNS service to improve speed and secure our websites.
  • Speed Tests – It is helpful to conduct page speed tests on your website. Webpage TestGoogle Page Speed Insights, and GTMetrix are great tools to use.

Resources – SEO

  • Yoast is widely recognized as one of the leading experts regarding SEO. This post on focus keywords is excellent for helping you understand keywords. This post on meta-descriptions is also a must-read.
  • The Yoast SEO plugin is our preferred plugin for SEO and is widely used in the WordPress community.
  • Go to this page to learn more about Core Web Vitals. This page has information about the image compression format WebP.
  • Neil Patel is probably the most widely recognized SEO authority. His website and email newsletter are full of helpful information.
  • Ubersuggest is a web-based SEO tool that is very reasonably priced. It can help with SEO website analysis and Keyword research. Ubersuggest was created by Neil Patel.
  • Search Console works hand in hand with Google Analytics and allows you to submit sitemaps, fix crawl issues, and has a new section that at some point in the future will show you the site’s performance on the core web vitals.

Resources – Misc.

  • RadiateWP blog has some useful blog posts published with more on the way.
  • WordCamps are a great resource for meeting people in your local WordPress Community.
  • WordCamps are a great resource for meeting people in your local WordPress Community.
  • Meetups, meetups, and more meetups. Since COVID, you can find them all over the country being hosted online. You can find many meetups available on Meetup.com. If you want to join your neighbors to the east, we have the AZ WordPress Meetup currently meeting through Zoom. We have a WooCommerce Meetup, a General Meetup and an Advanced Dev meetup. We’d love to have you.