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While this might not seem like a huge problem for most people; scheduling and keeping track of meetings and other events can be nothing short of a nightmare. Not only consuming a huge amount of valuable time but also distracting you from other important tasks. Never fear, a plethora of compelling alternatives exists just to solve this dilemma; the 5 most interesting ones being:


This website aims to create an easy-to-use solution for scheduling. Just create what they call “a poll” with the event details, send the invitation to the ones intended to attend, and that is it!

Google Calendar

Certainly one of the oldest and better-established solutions; not only offers great flexibility with scheduling, but also the ability to sync and keep track of meetings across multiple devices and other Google services like Gmail and Google docs.


Straightforward and simple; calendly not only makes easy to schedule your meetings but also the ones you get invited to. Offering not only a free, starter plan but also paid plans; the only thing you need to begin is a Google account.


Not only offering multi-platform support thanks to compatibility with Gmail and iCloud; Genee makes extremely easy for the user to create and send invitations to meetings through email, Twitter and other services. This helps to make sure that no one will miss it!

Your Phone’s calendar app

While lacking in most cases the infinite syncing solutions and customizability; the convenience of having a solution ready to go on the palm of your hand is certainly hard to ignore. This can result in more than enough for the common folk just trying to arrange a little better its life, or someone running a small business.

Which one should I choose?

At the end of the day, your needs are the most likely to help you decide which solution for scheduling and tracking meetings is the right choice for you; each of them covering different use cases better than others. Each of these options is great services and there is no way you can go wrong by giving any one of them a try!

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