WordPress Support Plans

WordPress Support Plans

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The RadiateWP Plan Picker can help you choose the right plan and take you through the quick sign up process. When you’re ready, your credit card will be charged monthly and you can cancel at any time.


Our WordPress experts get to know your website right away, so we can take the best possible care of it. We’ll prepare a Site Audit & Recommendations Report for you to reveal the current state of your site and priorities for improvement in the following areas:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Mobile
  • User Experience

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After you review and approve the Site Audit & Recommendations, we get your site up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress and plugin updates. We also address any Priority 1 concerns raised in the site audit report. Lower priority concerns can be addressed in the following weeks or months.


We are proud to host our clients with WP Engine, the leader in managed WordPress hosting. We take care of everything — we’ll migrate the site for you, set up your SSL (if applicable), and update your DNS records.



Now your account is set up to start daily backups, weekly WordPress and plugin maintenance, and security monitoring. Plus, our WordPress specialists are now on call to support you with ongoing training, troubleshooting, and small development tasks. Some common requests include:

  • Install and configure a new social share plugin
  • Fix your broken Twitter widget
  • Create a simple new slide graphic for your home page slider
  • Replace Contact Form 7 with Gravity Forms
  • Troubleshoot & reduce excessive comment spam
  • Install a new favicon

FAQs – Monthly Support Plans

Why should I consider a WordPress website management plan?
Answer: A WordPress website management plan can be helpful in maintaining your website and easing your burden. It takes care of routine tasks such as updates and performance improvements that may be overwhelming for someone trying to run a business.

How can a WordPress website management plan help me with my time management?
Answer: With a website management plan in place, common maintenance tasks like keeping software up-to-date and technical support are offloaded so you can invest your time elsewhere.

What benefits does a WordPress website management plan offer to my business operations?
Answer: It helps minimize site hassles and interruptions. Downtime affects operations and can cost your business. A website management plan delegates the responsibility of the site’s regular upkeep to an expert, saving you from headaches and the worry of handling the site issues yourself.

How can a WordPress website management plan contribute to my business growth?
Answer: It allows you to spend time on what really matters. With a team offering services like website maintenance, your time spent handling your website is reduced so you can better invest it in other aspects of your business.

Is a WordPress website management plan a cost-effective solution for my business?
Answer: Depending on your needs, it can be very cost-effective. For a set monthly fee, you can not only get maintenance services, but tech support for all those panic calls as well. One site outage can cost more to a company than the investment in a management plan.

How do I select a good provider for a WordPress website management plan?
Answer: Research all of your technology service providers before hiring them. For instance, RadiateWP is a monthly service with a comprehensive support plan for WordPress site owners. We do not require contracts and you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice. Make sure to understand the terms of any maintenance plan.

What services does RadiateWP offer?
Answer: RadiateWP does website hosting, maintenance, and support as well as web design and development. With one of our management plans, you can rely on our team to handle all of your WordPress support. We offer various packages from the starter package up to a monthly plan that offers 10 hours of support.

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