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State of the Word Review 2023

WordPress Meetup


Presented by: Carol Stambaugh

Intro – About this Presentation

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About Me

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  • Co-owner of RadiateWP
  • WordPress Evangelist, Community Volunteer
  • Basketball Mom, Volleyball Mom, Retired Swim Mom, Mom Taxi
  • Keeper of the family passwords
  • Dog lover Changes

What is Open Source

This short film describes the WordPress open-source project.

Open | The Community Code from OpenDotFilm on Vimeo.

Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.

The mission of WordPress is to democratize publishing.


Screenshot of the Openverse home page

WordPress Playground

Screenshot of the WordPress Playground

2024 Theme

Screenshot of the 2024 Theme

Gutenberg Project

Real-Time Collaboration


Screenshot of the pattern library

Performance Improvement

New installed rocket booster placed on transporter platform and moving into vehicle assembly building in space center on cloudy day

WP-Admin Redesign

Embrace AI

Closeup Photo of Brown and Black Dog Face

Matt’s advice was clear – delve deep into understanding AI and leverage its potential to educate and innovate.

Data Liberation

WordCamp US 2024

Portland sign

Thank You!

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State of the Word Review 2023

WordPress Meetup


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