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Leveraging AI for Content Creation

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Presented by: Carol Stambaugh

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Intro – About this Presentation

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  • I’ve provided many different prompts in these notes pages.

About Me

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  • Co-owner of RadiateWP
  • WordPress Evangelist, Community Volunteer
  • Basketball Mom, Volleyball Mom, Retired Swim Mom, Mom Taxi
  • Keeper of the family passwords
  • Dog lover

Start with the Basics


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  • AI is just another trend
  • AI can think like a human
  • AI will completely replace all human jobs

How does it work?

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AI systems are trained on vast datasets of text to recognize patterns and relationships between words. This allows them to generate or understand language in a way that seems intelligent, though the systems do not actually think creatively or have real-world understanding like humans.


  • Manage Expectations of the AI
  • Legal Issues: Copyright, Data Privacy, and Attribution
  • Perpetuation of Biases
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It’s a learning model so be careful what you feed it.

AI is a Tool

It needs your human touch!

  • It will never replace you.
  • It is not intelligent, creative, or strategic.
  • It is using predictive responses.

The best approach is a hybrid Human + AI approach.

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AI Cannot…

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  • Do your job for you
  • Complete creative and strategic tasks (such as writing your mission, vision, and value statement)

AI Can…

  • Save time
  • Generate ideas
  • Make you better
  • Be fun
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ChatGPT vs Claude vs Bard

This blog post has a great comparison of the 3 models. It is a good article and I recommend it if you are interested. But it was text-based and I wanted a table. So I used a prompt and asked Claude to turn the information into a table.

Prompt: I am going to paste an article below that compares and contrasts Bard, ChatGPT, and Claude. It analyzes them on 10 basic aspects such as cost, token limit, and web browsing capability. Create an easy-to-read table that shows a summary of these features.


CostFreeFree & $20/monthFree
Token LimitN/A4096 (GPT-3.5) & 8192 (GPT-4)
*GPT-4 just came out with a 32K token version
100,000 tokens
Web BrowsingYesNo (GPT-3.5) & Need Plugin (GPT-4)No
Image RecognitionLimited & InaccurateRequires Plugin (GPT-4) & None (GPT-3.5)N/A
Data AnalysisYesYesYes
Coding Support (HTML/CSS)YesYesYes
Availability230 countries163 countriesUS & UK only
*Interesting note for WordPress developers… I copied the result directly from Magai then came into the WordPress block editor and pasted it. The block editor recognized this as a table and automatically formatted it as a standard table block.

Let’s ask Magai a question:

Prompt: I am planning a series of 45-minute long lunch and learn’s for a coworking space. The audience includes <types of professionals>. What are some suggestions for good topics for these presentations?


Here are some appropriate topic ideas for 45-minute lunch and learn presentations at a coworking space:

  • Time management tips and techniques for productivity
  • Building your professional brand and online presence
  • Networking basics – how to connect and build relationships
  • Presentation skills – how to create and deliver engaging presentations
  • Getting started with LinkedIn – optimizing your profile and making connections
  • Personal finance and investing for beginners
  • Leadership and management skills for early career professionals
  • Wellness in the workplace – reducing stress and avoiding burnout
  • Effective communication strategies for the workplace
  • Project management essentials for small teams and solo entrepreneurs
  • Using data and analytics to drive business decisions
  • Mastering difficult conversations at work
  • Optimizing your resume and interview skills
  • Freelancing 101 – getting started as a solo contractor
  • Cybersecurity basics – protecting your business and customers

The key is choosing topics that provide practical, actionable advice relevant to the diverse professionals likely found in a coworking environment. Let me know if you need any other suggestions!

Strengthen Your Brand

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Define Your Content Style

Find some content (two or three paragraphs) that is uniquely you and use AI to help define your style.

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AI Prompt: Analyze the style, tone and common phrases in this text. Please summarize the style. Provide suggestions on how I can keep this tone in future prompts <insert the text>


AI Content Voice Analysis

The tone of the text is friendly, conversational, and aimed to build trust. Some key elements I noticed:

  • Uses inclusive language like “we” and “our team” to create a sense of partnership.
  • Emphasizes understanding the audience’s pain points around website management.
  • Highlights the expertise and proven processes to showcase capabilities.
  • Focuses on freeing up time and energy for the client

To maintain this style in future content, I’d suggest continuing to use: 

  • Conversational language, contractions like “don’t” and “can’t”.
  • Relatable analogies that simplify complex topics. 
  • Explanations of technical processes in plain, easy-to-grasp language.
  • “You” statements to speak directly to the audience.
  • An enthusiastic, energetic tone with engaging word choices.
  • Benefit-focused messaging, explaining how the services save time and energy.

RadiateWP’s Content Style

  • Use a friendly, conversational tone that is aimed at building trust.
  • Use conversational language that includes contractions such as don’t and can’t.
  • Use inclusive language such as we and our to show partnership.
  • When possible use analogies and metaphors to simplify complex topics.
  • Use simple and easy-to-understand descriptions for those who may not understand website development and management.
  • Look for word choice that exudes enthusiasm and positive energy.

Define Your Brand Voice

AI Prompt: Using the information above, and using some of the classic examples of large company’s brand voice (such as Apple and Coca Cola), write a brand voice description for my company.

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RadiateWP Brand Voice Example:

Our Brand voice is friendly and conversational. We often translate complex “web speak” into easy-to-understand concepts using metaphor.  We are customer-focused, confident, and professional, but we are also approachable and friendly.

Training the AI

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Frontload Your Prompts

Create a document that you can easily access with your core purpose, mission, vision, and target audience. Add the brand voice and content style that you just created to this document.

RadiateWP Example

To improve your results, “frontload” your AI bot with information that will help it answer for your specific needs.

*With Magai, you can use the custom brand and custom persona feature for this.

New Website Content

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Content is Hard

  • Coming up with content ideas and topics is not always easy.
  • It’s hard to start a new post when you are staring at a blank page
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Content Generation Ideas

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AI can help…

  • Look for new blog post topics
  • Create an outline for a new blog post
  • Organize blog posts into categories
  • Look for opportunities to build content in certain categories.

Prompt Examples – Step by Step Instructions

* Before the prompt, frontload your information.

** Make sure to choose an AI model that has access to web browsing. (Bard or GPT-4)

  • Prompt: “We are looking for new ideas for blog posts. Our blog can be found at xxxxxxxx. Based on our current blog posts and the information above (frontloaded prompt), can you recommend blog topics, including a title, of posts that we have not already included on our blog?”
  • Now, you are going to pick one of the blog post titles that it gave you and then type the prompt, “Create a bulleted outline of 5 to 7 things to include in a blog post with the title, “XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Also, write an introductory paragraph for this blog post.”
  • To analyze and inventory your current blog, use this prompt…“Analyze our blog posts at and create a list of topic clusters identifying the topic and the blog posts in the topic. Put this data into a table where the blog posts are formatted with bullet points and on a separate line.”
  • If there are topic categories that have fewer posts, type the prompt, “Make a list of 5 to 10 blog posts (with titles) that are not already covered on the website with topics that would fall into the category, xxxxxxxxxxx. “

AI as a Writer

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DO NOT rely on AI to write your content for you. Use it as a tool and then always revise it so that it is consistent with your words and your voice. If you read it and it is not something that you would write or say, reword it to make it yours.

  • Use it as a Springboard (ie. an Intro paragraph)
  • Improve Content
  • Shorten content
  • Summarize content

Improve Old Content

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Post Formatting

  • Good content is easy to consume.
  • Users first scan your content in 3 to 7 seconds and look for major points.
  • Posts that are all text are hard to read and users bounce off the page.
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Rich Formatting

Find an old blog post that needs to be repurposed and republished.

Fench Bulldog with Hanging Signage
  • Look for new updated info to include
  • Create an FAQ
  • Add a table of information
  • Add a checklist
  • Add a summary section
  • Add Block Quotes

RadiateWP Example of a repurposed post.


  • Update – At the end of this prompt, I’m going to paste in all the text from a blog post I wrote. Is there any new relevant information to this topic that should be added? Here is the text from the blog post:
  • FAQ’s – Create a list of all the questions that this blog post answers. Please format your response in a “Question and Answer” format that I can use for an FAQ section in my blog post. You will be creating the questions, but using the text from my blog post as the answers. I would like a minimum of 5 questions and no more than 10.
  • Table – Is there any information from my blog post that you could put into a table?
  • Checklist – Is there any information from my blog post that you could turn into a checklist to help people?
  • TLDR – Can you provide me with a “Too long; didn’t read” section for the top of this blog post that will quickly summarize the content of this blog post? It should be no more than 3-4 sentences.
  • Block Quotes – Can you provide me with 2 or 3 lines from my original blog post that would make for good blockquotes? Something profound that should be emphasized?

RadiateWP Example of a repurposed post.


Credit to Kyle Deusen from The Admin Bar. You can watch the YouTube Video here.

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Fun with AI

Chihuahua Wearing Red Coat Costume

Let’s have some fun!

Let’s create a Limerick about Co+Hoots.

AI Prompt:

Co+Hoots is a purpose-driven co-working space with locations in Phoenix and Mesa AZ. Using the information below, create a Limerik about Co+Hoots. <I pasted the content from the About Page from the Co+Hoots website.>


In Phoenix town where sunsets gleam,
A place was born from a bold dream.
Founded by two, Jenny and Odeen,
CO+HOOTS, a co-work space, pristine.

Welcoming all with open grace,
This minority-owned, empowering space.
More than a hub for work and grind,
It fosters innovation, the creative kind.

Breaking barriers like a sunrise ray,
Spurring entrepreneurs on their way!
With equity, we grow and thrive,
Helping diverse startups to survive.

Beyond four walls, we’re more than a name,
We lift as we climb, success our game.
CO+HOOTS is more than it may seem,
It’s a beacon for all, the entrepreneurs’ dream!

Wrap Up

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I asked Magai, “What did I miss in this presentation?”

AI Prompt:

I just did a presentation called, “Leveraging AI for Content Creation”. I included sections on AI myths, tools to use, what it cannot do, helping define your brand, training the AI, new content ideas, improving old content, and social content ideas. Is there anything else I should include?


Here are some additional topics that could be useful to cover in a presentation about leveraging AI for content creation:

  • Benefits of AI content creation – touch on how it can save time and scale content production.
  • Differences between AI and human writing – explain that AI cannot fully replace human creativity and strategic thinking.
  • Best practices for using AI – discuss prompts, iterative training, post-editing, etc.
  • Creating diverse & inclusive content – talk about the importance of ensuring AI doesn’t perpetuate harmful biases.
  • Legal and ethical considerations – overview things like copyright, data privacy, and attribution.
  • Future outlook for AI content – share predictions for how the tech may evolve and improve.
  • Limits of current AI – manage expectations by mentioning limitations around complex narrative, emotion, humor etc.
  • Hybrid human + AI approach – the importance of combining AI with human skills for optimal content.

Let me know if you need me to expand on any of these suggestions! I aimed to provide relevant AI content creation topics without any inappropriate or unethical references.

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Leveraging AI for Content Creation

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After the Presentation

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, staying current is not just a necessity—it’s imperative. As new information and AI tools emerge, I will update this post to reflect the most current information. This ensures that the content you find here remains relevant, providing you with actionable insights that are as fresh as they are useful.

New AI Tools to Explore

  • – An AI assistant that helps with your meetings including sound quality and meeting notes.
  • – Image generation tool that allows a certain number of tokens per day at no cost.
  • Magic Studio – An excellent image tool for beginners including Magic Eraser and Background Eraser, AI Image Generation, and Image file converter. The free plan has a limit of 40 AI images generated.