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Website Q&A

For Editors

Date: 8/15/23

Presented by: Carol Stambaugh

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Know Your Audience

And you are not the audience.

Marketing 101 – Defining Your Audience

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  • Choose at least 1 persona
  • Spend time getting to know the persona
  • What are their hopes
  • What are their fears

Accessibility Matters

Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes, doesn’t mean he lacks vision.

-Stevie Wonder

Common Accessibility Issues

  • Alt Text for Images
  • Color Contrast
  • Tab Navigation
Coversheet of the free website accessibility guide. Title is Making Your Website Accessible for Everyone.

Resources for Accessibility


“Create content in a format that is suitable to the needs and expectations of Google’s user for the question they have asked.”

-Jason Barnard, Founder of Kalicube

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When writing blog posts and pages, “flip your script”. Instead of writing about what you want to tell people, write answers to your people’s questions.

-Carol Stambaugh, Owner RadiateWP

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Website Q&A for Editors


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