Why it’s important to have multiple passwords

Why is it so important to have multiple different passwords?

No one in their right mind would use the exact same key for every door in their home – it is just something unheard of – but most internet users are actually guilty of a similar sin. Using the exact same password on multiple websites is one of the biggest security threats on the whole web, causing not only countless headaches to users but also costing hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. With this in mind, what can the lay user do to avoid such a mistake?

The solution is easier than it seems…

The first suggestion is actually more straightforward than expected; just having a different password for every website and service you use not only increases your security but also decreases the chances of becoming  the prey of  cyber-criminals. Using the same password for everything is similar to building a tower of dominoes; if one piece falls, the rest fall with it.

Be creative!

Besides having a different password for every website; it’s important to make sure that your passwords are secure enough. Having not only upper and lowercase characters but also numbers and other special characters will ensure that your password is secure and hard to crack for those involved in mischievous activities. In the same vein, another important thing to consider while creating secure passwords is to avoid using personal information. Things like birthdays and other significant dates or ID numbers can make passwords more predictable and thus easier to crack.

“But… I have a hard time remembering all of these different passwords! What can I do…?”

Although keeping track of dozens of passwords for the multitude of websites used by the average person may seem like an impossible task; there are solutions specifically created to solve this problem. Services such as LastPass and 1Password offer apps and browser plugins that make password administration a breeze. These services not only keep this valuable information secure under a “master password” but can even autofill the necessary information on every website you visit, helping you surf the web even faster.

With all of these password solutions, keeping our internet experiences safe does not seem so impossible anymore. The time spent downloading and setting up these services is well worth the peace of mind you will feel knowing your accounts are safe. 


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